About Us

Our Story

“Fortune favours the brave.”

“No guts, no glory.”

People love risk takers. They blaze a trail for the rest of us.

We admire people bold enough to deliberately stand out from the crowd. They’re the trend setters, the leaders.

“Long hair, don’t care.” Really? Did you know that among the world’s most beautiful long-haired women are fashion’s next-level risk-takers and influencers, scissor-friendly and clipper-ready?

They’re the ones ready to leave it all behind. They’re the ones ready to be shorn of their conformity and stand boldly before us.

These women? They’re throughout the EU. And we’re on a quest to find them. Our challenge: find women willing to cut their hair. There is no creativity without a little destruction. And if that’s not hard enough, models receive haircuts that redefine edgy before their final plunge into baldness giving our team the ability to express creativity without restrictions.

The process is challenging. Very edgy. It’s often joyful, sometimes teary, always the greatest example of bravery. Long, pretty hair styled, cut and yes, even shaved off in stunning volume, often in ways you won’t expect.

And what emerges: some of the world’s most beautiful, strong women. All freed of their long hair, and society’s expectations.

Witness what bravery and beauty is really all about.

“The shorter the hair, the harder they stare.”

Our Crew

Award winning producer who has done everything from internationally view car commercials to nationally acclaimed music videos.

Stylists and Barbers who have 6-12 month waiting lists, who have a flair for the dramatic, and skills not seen anywhere else. They are at the core of our productions, and we couldn’t imagine doing this without them.

Our nationally recognized photographer has a keen eye for the details that we know you want and need to see. Access to purchase these awe-inspiring photos are available to our members only, and we are sure that whether you are hanging them in your shop, or home, these masterpieces are something no collection is complete without.

The team of makeup artists have massive social media followings, and for our project, they bring their skill and notoriety.

We have two flimographers who are highly trained, and been coached to be able to provide the most relevant angles for what you want and need to see. Their job, and focus, is to create the perfect video for you.

The team also is comprised of a post edit group that takes the great raw footage, and edits it into the breath-taking masterpieces you will learn and enjoy from again and again.

Our Promise

We promise to produce and post the highest quality videos possible.

We promise to look for and hire the highest quality models possible.

We promise to provide engaging and responsive customer support.

We promise to help build a stronger, and better hair/fashion community.

We promise to have weekly updates; regardless of circumstances, unlike competitors.