Margaret is a soft spoken lady, who very desperately wanted to be one of our models. She actually begged, which is uncommon. While we have lots of models that want to work with us, not many want to be a model this badly. We even tried to talk her out of it, but her mind was made. We told her we would want her to kneel down on her knees, and tip her chin down during her hair cut. She said she would do it if we gave her the job. We told her we would run the clippers of the nape of her neck, and leave her with a mushroom cut, she agreed. We said we would shave her bald. Nothing fazed her, and she kept agreeing. When were done shaving her, she went outside, and had a smile on her face, because she was proud of herself for being a good model. We appreciate this level of enthusiasm, we hope you do too.

Shots during the video session