Karyina is not your average model. She is a multi time, beauty pageant winner. A degree holding economist. A marathon winner. As well as a sports medicine scientist. No wonder she let her amazing hair grow as long as it did, she never had time to do a big chop, until today! Before the shoot she told us that all her friends loved her long hair, but she didn't really even notice it, because it simply was too long. It is hot in the summer and warm in the winter. Only after it was gone did she realize it was truly good hair. She told her boyfriend about it before she came, but then decided she didn't say anything to him or anyone else. She didn't want to get talked out of it. Then regret not taking this opportunity. When we did the outside footage she commented on the expressions the passerby made at her. If they only knew what was on her head just a few hours ago! This is one for people who like models who are scared, but decide to do it anyway!

Shots during the video session