Anna is a fun, fit, and young model. She is quite, but still bubbly. Today she is the first model in our new, and exciting barbershop series. That's right! After many requests we have decided to do some videos in an actual old school barbershop. This will not replace our currently loved quality, just add variety to the hair adventures. Anna does some before modeling in a stunning red dress. First she sits in the plush barber chair. Her hands gripping the end nervously. Our amazing barber twirls the cape around Anna's neck, clasping it closed. He pins the top of hair up, buzzing the entire sides and back. Giving her a polished pixie cut. What barbershop is complete without a neck shave? He lathers her neckline, straight edging it to perfection. Once she models that style, our barber finishes it up by buzzing right down the middle. Lathering and shaving Anna's head completely bald. This may the most exciting video we have ever done!

Shots during the video session